*        Household Chemicals.

*        Food (frozen or otherwise)

*        Anything liquid

*        Anything flammable

*        Anything living (trees, flowers, small pets, etc.)

*        Firearms and/or loaded ammunition

One important issue to remember: As a policy of our company WE DO NOT allow any plastic bags for long distance moves. All personal items must be boxed.


US DOT has a specific list of rules for what and how can or can not be moved interstate. Among those rules are the items that CAN NOT be found on a moving van without special license. Please address DOT website for information on this topic, but below you will find some of the major items that we deal with on daily basis:

Finally, here is the list of items YOU CAN, but probably SHOULDN'T have on the truck:

There are several factors that determine the price of your cubic foot. Your type of move, the current season, the special that our company is running at the moment, and of course, the distance of travel are few of the major ones. Two things are a guarantee: We are ALWAYS very competitive and ones agreed on, your price will NOT change. Try us.

There are three types of Long Distance Moves - BASIC; FULL SERVICE and PARTIAL. 

Basic Service Move will require you to pack all your boxes and personal items. We, in turn, we will provide you with all the blankets and wrapping for your furniture items. Obviously, when you deal with professionals (us) all loading/unloading, disassembling/reassembling, the truck , the driver, gas and tolls will also be a part of the deal. You just get to tell us where to bring the things into your new home and then unpack :)

There is one major difference between the Local and Long Distance move - EVERYTHING has to be packed and wrapped. So, if you chose this type of the move MAKE SURE that you pack everything that you want us to move BEFORE movers show up. We can still help you pack on the day of the move, but that will cost you extra!

FULL Service Move is something that I think every homeowner dreams about - just not everyone is willing to spend the money. Yes, it is a bit more expensive, but there is NOTHING that you need to do. That means that you may let us into your home as you live in it every day, pull up a loan chair and enjoy watching things happen. We will provide EVERYTHING that you need to move your entire household. Boxes, Bubble wrap, Shrink wrap, packing paper, "peanuts", tape - you name it. Our crew will bring it with them, quickly and carefully pack and wrap everything that you want to move, load it and take it to your new home. You can also opt for us to unpack everything in the new residence, but that is a rare case - Most of the ladies prefer to "go through" their things before they go back up on the shelf or in the closet.

Partial Service Move is something that you agree on with your sales representative. Let's say you have the time to pack your clothes, but you can't stand the thought of doing your kitchen. We'll Take care of that for you and give you an over -all price that will take care of that extra packing.  Ask your Sales rep and all of your needs and desires for your move will be completely endorsed.

*        Personal Jewelry 

*        Any Financial instruments

*        Any Medicine that you have to have for personal daily health

Our company charges Only Two Items in every Long Distance Move:

              *      The Volume that we put on the truck for you. Volume is relatively easy to measure and very hard to "play with" - the walls of the truck are mostly                                       standard size and they can not be moved. You may "google" those sizes to make sure that you are getting right measurements or bring a tape measure                           on the day of the move and see for yourself. We pack the truck as tight as possible to make sure nothing slides of shifts in the middle of the drive and                             you pay ONLY for the cubic feet that we actually load on that truck for you. We measure together.

              *     The Fuel Surcharge. Most of the time it is 10% of the cost. It covers fuel, tolls, in-rout inspections, weight stations, cost of tape we use to wrap your                                    furniture in the blankets and several other minor things. There are ONLY two other charges that may or may not occur and they DO NOT go to the                                  company, but to your delivery crew: Those are the LONG CARRY and STAIRS. If we can park the truck within 50-75 feet of your front (or back) door                                there will be no long carry fee. If there is more - every additional 150' is $75. If you have more than one flight of stairs in an apartment complex or an                            elevator, it makes your delivery that much longer and more difficult. So an elevator and/or each additional flight of stairs are $75. There are NO other                          charges. AT ALL.



Long Distance Moving

There is more to know about each Long Distance Move individually and that is why we prefer to talk it over with you, SO CALL US TODAY to see how we can take the weight of the move off YOUR shoulders.

If you are moving to another State, further than 250 miles away your move is considered Long Distance. There are VERY few companies out there that will make sure that your delivery is "Straight" - they will take your furniture into their warehouse and wait to collect enough deliveries in the same direction to fill tractor trailer, or they will sell your delivery to a "CARRIER".  First of all that is an extra time they will have to "handle" your furniture and we all understand that "if it doesn't move - it doesn't fall". Second, NO ONE will guarantee their carrier. If something happens with your furniture outside their warehouse - it is "not on them". Our Commitment to you is simple. We'll come to pick up your load and take it straight down to where it needs to go. OURSELVES. Every time. You MAY NEED time in storage and we can provide you with that, but that is something YOU REQUEST. And again, We will take care of your things from beginning to end. NO third-party.

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