The US DOT has a specific list of rules for what can or cannot be moved interstate, and how that needs to be done. Among those rules are items that CANNOT be found on a moving van without special license. Please address the DOT website for more specific information on this topic, but listed below are some common items that are included on that list:

*        Household Chemicals.

*        Food (frozen or otherwise)

*        Anything liquid

*        Anything flammable

*        Anything living (trees, flowers, small pets, etc.)

*        Firearms and/or loaded ammunition

Finally, here is the list of items YOU CAN, but probably SHOULDN'T have on the truck:


We offer three types of Local Moves - BASIC; FULL SERVICE and PARTIAL. 

BASIC Service Move will require you to pack all your boxes and personal items. We, in turn, will wrap all your furniture items using high quality moving blankets – and all of the loading, unloading, disassembling, reassembling, truck, driver, gas and tolls will be a part of the deal. You just get to tell us where to bring the things into your new home and then unpack :)

FULL Service Move is something that every homeowner dreams about but not everyone is willing to spend the money on. It is a bit more of an investment, but there is NOTHING that you need to do beyond letting us into your home. You can simply pull up a lawn chair and enjoy watching things happen. We will provide EVERYTHING that you need to move your entire household: boxes, bubble wrap, shrink wrap, packing paper, "peanuts", tape - you name it. Our crew will bring it with them, quickly and carefully pack and wrap everything that you want to move, load it and take it to your new home. You can also opt for us to unpack everything in the new residence, but that is a rare case - most people prefer to "go through" their things before they go back up on the shelf or in the closet.

PARTIAL Service Move is a case-by-case scenario that you agree on with your sales rep. Maybe you want to pack your clothes, but you can't stand the thought of doing your kitchen. We'll take care of that for you and give you an overall hourly price that will include that extra packing. Or you may have a very nice glass top Living Room set and know that blankets themselves will not be enough to protect it. Ask your sales rep, and all your needs and desires for your move will be completely provided.



We operate in the area where it is possible to move only 80 miles and still cross 4 State Lines. Some moving companies will tell you that is a "Long-Distance Move" and will charge you accordingly. That is not the case with us. We believe that if we can drive to your new location AND come back to our Home Base within one day, it should be charged as a local move - making it easier AND saving you some money. Does that sound good?

Several factors are considered to determine the hourly rate for your personalized move: the type of move, the current season, any specials that our company is currently running, and the number of required people on the crew. Two things we guarantee: 1) We are ALWAYS very competitive and 2) Once agreed on, your price will NOT change. Try us.

Our company charges Only Two Items in every Local Move:

              *      The Hours that we work for you, which start the moment we enter your current home up to to the point YOU tell us, "Thank you guys, you did a great job                       and you're good to go." Our minimum is 3 hours, but we bill in 30-minute increments in order to save you money.

              *     The Service Fee. This covers the fuel, tape, blankets, cleaning and preparation of the truck for your move. Most of the time it is just a one hour charge,                          but it may be a bit more depending on the distance from your original home to your new one. If the drive time back is longer than an hour and a half,                              your representative will pre-determine with you how much your service fee will be. This fee will be discussed long-before your contract is signed to                                make sure that there are NO other charges and NO surprises. AT ALL.

Local Moving

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*        Personal Jewelry 

*        Any Financial instruments

*        Any Medicine that you have to have for personal daily health

Every local move is different, which is why we prefer to talk it over with you. , SO CALL US TODAY to see how we can take the weight of the move off YOUR shoulders.